Falsetto™ Nails + Your Wedding

So many of our customers have reached out to us for ideas on how to get the perfect mani for their special day.  They were sick and tired of having to find a nail salon to apply acrylics or gels for them not to last or come out looking nasty; only to get them removed after the wedding.  Same issue was popping up for their bridal party. 

That's why we love our Falsetto™ nails!!!  Customized, full coverage nail tips that can be applied at your convenience, saving your time, money and your sanity.  Yep!  Just like the nails used on celebrities and runway models but created with salon, professional products.

Here's how it works - You can order your Falsetto™ nails through our website or work directly with us during a design session (in-person or virtual).  You will pick your colors and designs and we will get your measurements.  Yes, you can even pick your shape and length.

This is a great way of getting a set of false nails that you can reuse, doesn’t damage your nail bed with the constant removal and reapplication process. With a library of colors to choose from and an endless combination of glitters, chromes, foils, crystals, nails art, etc, you can get an individual set that fits and suits you. 

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I am so glad I found you guys. My wedding is next month and the one thing I forgot to book was the nail appointment. No mobile nail techs so this is perfect!!

Kate July 24, 2021

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