full coverage nail tips that give you an instant 'nails done' look

Easy To Apply

Go from one look to another in a matter of minutes, anywhere.


Wear your Falsetto™ Nails for 3 minutes or up to 3 weeks.
apply. remove. repeat.


Customize For You

Your Falsetto™ Nails are created to fit your nails. We keep your sizes on file, for future orders.

Salon Quality

You won't find colored plastic here. Each set is painted by hand, for you.

Falsetto™ Q + A

How long does it take to get my Falsetto™ nails?

If we have your sizes, on file or you've ordered a full set, your nail are made and shipped within 72 hours of placing your order.  If we don't have your sizes, we will create your set within 24 hours after receiving your sizes.

How do I remove Falsetto™ nails?

That depends on application.  Removal instructions are included with our order.   Our preferred application method is done with gel nail tabs.  Removal is done in less than 5 minutes.  

If you applied your Falsetto™ nails with glue, removal can take about 15-20 minutes using water or acetone.  

I don't like long nails. What shape do you recommend?

Our most popular shape is the active length.  It has a squoval edge and looks good on everyone.  Our second fav is the short round.  

How long will they last?

Falsetto™ nails can be worn as little as 3 minutes and up to 3 weeks.  It just depends on your application method.

How are these different from getting acrylics or a gel manicure?

What has our clients obsessed is the fact you can get the nail look you want, when you want it.  No appointments. No drills.  

Our Falsetto™ nails aren't like your average press on nails or colored pieces of plastic shaped like a nail.  We use the same professional products to create Falsetto™ nails as we use for our studio clients.  They are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain.

What's The Process?

Browse The Goods

Check out our solid colors and designs on our website. Select your nail shape and finish then add it to your cart.

Size Does Matter

If it is your first time ordering a particular nail shape, please add a sizing kit to your order. You will receive the kit in about 2 business days after we receive your order. Your sizing kit will include nail tips and instructions for adding sizes to your account.

If we have your sizes on file, you are good to go.

We Get To Werq

After reviewing your sizes, your Falsetto™ nails are created, by hand. We are proud to employ nail techs, local artists and members of the special needs community to assist in this process. Orders are usually completed and are ready for shipping or local pickup within 3 days.

99 Problems But Your Nails Ain't 1

Before applying, it's recommended you use our Nails, Done. hand treatment. It's like a manicure but at home. Instructions for application are included along with everything needed.

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