Studio Services

It's 10 ways to express your style, mood and creativity. Whether your vibe is classic, runway, hip hop, grunge or anything in between; we got you. In addition to our online community, we wanted to create a a space where clients can unleash their inner nail geek through custom polish, design sessions and fresh coat of paint. Bring your ideas and let's make magic, together.

get your nails done
studio services

GET YOUR NAILS DONE starting @ $20

manicure isn't a dirty word. it is 10 ways to express your style, mood and creativity. includes quick shape-up, Nails, done. hand treatment and a fresh coat of color and/or design.


haven't you always wanted to create and name a polish? here is your chance! we'll guide you through our base colors, finishes and effects then handpour into your very own bottle.


Have a specific nail look, art or design in mind? We'd love to help bring your idea to life -- let's chat! Sessions can be held by telephone, video or email with attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

To reserve your spot, click on the reserve your spot link

Do you offer acrylics?

We do not offer nor do we remove acrylics, dip powder or hard gel enhancements.  Please have those nail systems removed before your appointment.

I would like long nails. What do you suggest?

Excellent question and we get this a lot.  We offer our Falsetto™ nails for home application or if you are visiting our studio, you can opt for apres gel-x extensions.

Is your nail polish non-toxic and long lasting?

Our polish is considered non-toxic because it does not contain the harmful chemicals you don't want in your polish.  We conceptualized the colors and mix them up in our studio.  Our polishes are long-lasting and our full collection will be avialble on our website for online purchase, soon.

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